Adobe Director - New User

Adobe Director - New User

Course Overview

  • This course is meant to alter you to form, import and sequence media parts in Director, publish animations to be used on the net, in multimedia system productions and games and perceive the essentials of the Lingo/JavaScript programming environment.

Suitability - Who should attend?

  • This course is for users would like to form multimedia system content, eLearning developers and game developers to make wealthy interactive applications and games for each the net and fixed storage Prerequisites
  • Delegates ought to have an honest level of computer and windows skills, workplace application and internet browsers however don't want previous expertise with Adobe Director.

Training Course Content

  • The Director Interface
  • The Stage
  • The Score
  • The Cast
  • The Control Panel
  • Using the Internal Utilities
  • The Paint Window
  • The Text Window
  • The Tool Box
  • The Tool Bar
  • Creating an Animation
  • Working with Sprites
  • Animating a Sprite on the Stage
  • Using Lingo to Control the Playback Head
  • Navigation & Navigation Scripts
  • Using Markers
  • Writing a Navigation Script
  • Casts
  • Importing Cast Members
  • Animating a Sequence of Cast Members
  • Using a Shared Cast
  • Using Digital Video
  • Using the Playback Head to Trigger Events
  • Working with Tempo and Transitions
  • Adding Extra User Interaction
  • Advanced Animation Techniques
  • Using Puppeting
  • Animating a Sprite using Lingo
  • Using Inks a Blends
  • Cross-Platform Issues
  • Using Shockwave
  • Developing an Interactive Presentation

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